HVAC Technician Career Schools and Training

With the downturning economy, more people are looking for stable and profitable careers that will sustain them for the long-term. One such career is becoming a HVAC technician. HVAC stands for heating ventilation and air conditioning Technician. HVAC technicians exist essentially to make sure that temperature regulators are running smoothly and efficiently.

HVAC Training

In order to become a HVAC technician, one must undergo intensive training at any accredited center or community college. Typically, associate degrees of this kind take up to 2 years to earn, but is much cheaper than taking a full degree. HVAC technicians are trained to understand the inner workings of these machines as well as understanding blueprints, since they oversee the proper installation, maintenance and repair of these kinds of machinery.

HVAC technicians at a glance

HVAC technicians have been increasing in number lately. In 2008, the US department of Labor Statistics reported a total number of 308,000 accredited HVAC technicians in the country. That is over six thousand per state. Since there are so many levels of HVAC technicians, the salary range is quite wide as well. Entry-level professionals can look to earn from $20,000 to $30,000. Meanwhile, licensed HVAC technicians who have a lot of experience and reputation can expect to see an average hvac salary of $75,000 annually. Typically, they work with other companies requiring their regular services, or they can even establish their private practice to extend services to a community.

HVAC schools

Thanks to online schools, there are now so many options for HVAC technician training. These following institutions are among the top-ranked schools in the country.
Everest University
With more than ten campuses across the country, Everest is clearly the easiest choice when it comes to top-of-the-line HVAC education. Its strengths lie in its online program which caters to students who need the flexibility of schedule. Using up-to-date technology through chat rooms, e-mail, video lectures and online tutorials for enriching learning, Everest helps bring education even closer to home.
Technical Career Institute
Located in the heart of New York, this college teaches you what is relevant and what you need to know. Using instructional materials derived from real-life situations, Technical College Institute staffs a faculty of experienced teachers directly from the field. This way, students get more hands on experience for a well-rounded curriculum. And yes, they do have distance learning programs to make life easier!
Kaplan Career Institute
Kaplan is synonymous to quality. Most known for its online programs, it offers HVAC training programs at lower costs. Its online programs help students and adults wishing for a career change to fit in learning in between their schedules. The road to owning a degree can happen in as little as 2 years at this college.

Many technical schools in all fields usually have ties to their communities as well as large corporations who may often times hire graduates in the field of their expertise. For HVAC technicians, jobs through large companies in the field such as TRANE and Wendland are a high probability when schools and large corporations team up to ensure the best possible chance for employment.

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