X Ray Technician Career Overview

Considering a career in radiology? Then you might be interested in becoming an x-Ray technician! The x-ray is one of the oldest and most non-invasive methods for diagnosing a patient’s medical condition or illness. X-ray technicians are indispensable members of the radiology team as they take images or plates of bones or organs with the […]

Entering an Ultrasound Career

The best career option for anyone looking for a stable job is to enter the field of healthcare. One such job that is currently hot on the healthcare market is in sonography. Those who specialize in sonograms are called ultrasound technicians or sonographers. Ultrasound technicians are highly skilled individuals that perform diagnostic exams on patients […]

Dental Assistant Duties and Functions

The demand for quality dental hygiene has expanded over the years. Whether it’s because the proliferation of chocolates has become quite prominent throughout the years or because many people are more conscious about their dental health, there can be no doubt that careers related to dental health are rapidly expanding to meet the demands of […]

So You Want to Be a Surgical Technician

The operating room is not a place for those with a weak stomach. Beneath the whitewashed walls, the smell of chemicals and the bright operating lights is a body that is incised, cut, sutured and suctioned. Though the images you see in the operating room can be quite graphic, rest assured that nothing unsafe happens […]

A Career as a Private Investigator

Working as a private investigator can be tough. You need to be cunning and secretive and always think 10 steps ahead of the game. If you have diverse interests in life, you can also apply this in your job as a private investigator as your employers will need you to perform different tasks. Private investigators […]

Summary on Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal justice careers are usually involved in upholding the law in cases that require enforcement of strict justice systems. It involves proper implementation of legalities through the number of people who practice it. As expected, there are a number of criminal justice careers to choose from. Depending on your area of interest, you can surely […]

MRI Technician Salary and other Essential Facts

Magnetic resonance imaging is essentially a safe and painless way to get diagnosed for a certain type of illness that lingers inside the body. It is basically a diagnostic exam used by radiologists to locate anomalies in the lungs brain bone or any other tissue found in the body. Unlike other diagnostic exams like CT […]

A Massage Therapist Career and Job Expectations

For many people, becoming a massage therapist is an attractive career path as they have the advantage that many careers cannot provide: they can work as part time massage therapists in addition to their regular work at the resort, spa, salon or health center providing them with better chances of earning a high salary. These […]

Phlebotomy Technician Career Development

The primary duty of a phlebotomist is to draw blood. They use equipments like needles, tourniquets, disposable containers, gauze and alcohol in fulfilling their responsibilities. Usually blood is drawn from a vein in a patient’s arm. These phlebotomists sometimes use other blood collection procedures to get things done. Phlebotomist then labels the specimens and transports […]

Emergency Medical Technicians on Call

Emergency medical technicians give first aid treatments to the injured and transport them to a medical facility for further care. EMT’s works as a member of the emergency medical team and responds to instructions given by medical dispatchers and drives an emergency vehicle to a specified location. They also monitor communication equipments to keep in […]